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The steel bar factories consists of two units of 25 MT. electric arc furnaces, two units of continuous casting machines and three stand respectively. The semi-automatic of cross-country rolling mill and tandem automatic rolling mill are part of the company's rolling mill at the steel plant. Product range in sizes from 9mm.-40mm. Grade of quality SR24, SD30, SD40, SD50 manufactures conform to TIS 24-2543, TIS24-2536 (JIS G3112-1987). Nowadays, Our production capacity rise up to 600,000 tons per year.

Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Arc Furnace

Continuous Casting Machine

Atomic Emission Spectrometer
For Chemical Analysis

Steel Billets

Automatic Rolling Mill

Cooling Bed

Universal Tensile Testing Machine


Reinforcing steel round and deformed bars branded "BSI"

Agent  :

Treemit Marketing Company Limited

205 UFM Building, Rajawongse Road, Samphanthawongse,
Bangkok 10100

Tel : 0-2226-0680, 0-2225-0200 (Auto-Receive)
Fax : 0-2224-7697-8

 specifications of Steel Bars For Concrete Reinforcement 

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